Dimedium is a Pan-Baltic wholesale distributor of veterinary medicines and vaccines, livestock supplies, crop and fish farming products, as well as pet products. 

Dimedium Group is a Pan-Baltic group that unites three companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, respectively named AS Dimedium, AS Dimedium Latvija and UAB Dimedium Lietuva. All the companies operate under a uniform motto „Full animal health“ and have more than 25 years of industry experience in promoting and supporting agriculture and animal well-being.

Dimedium Lietuva is a part of Pan-Baltic company – Dimedium group. In 1995 started business in Kaunas under the name Dimeli Baltic. In 2007 it changed its name to UAB Dimela Lietuva, and in 2020 – the company unified its names in all three Baltic countries, so that it would be easier for customers and partners to recognize each of them as a member of the Dimedium Group.

We distribute high quality global agricultural and veterinary products. Our diverse portfolio ranges from veterinary medicines, vaccines, feed and feed additives to breeding material, farming equipment and more. We are one of the market leaders in the field of veterinary and animal nutrition products in Lithuania.

Our vision:

We work to ensure that our fields are fertile and animals in full health, so that our grandchildren could eat healthy local food.

Our mission:

We are the bridge from the top of the world's practice to the Lithuanian veterinary clinic, farm and home.

Core values of Dimedium and our team


We work with passion and enjoy reaching shared goals.


Together we are stronger and can achieve more.


We think of the future and dare to set an example.


Yes! attitude

We find solutions instead of excuses.


We think beyond ourselves. We care about our land and people - colleagues, clients and society.


We constantly update our knowledge and skills.


Sustainable Dimedium

Dimedium is a responsible company.

We acknowledge that the economic, environmental and social impact or "footprints" we leave with our existence are all equally important.

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We organize and support financially seminars and training programmes for Lithuanian veterinarians and dairy farmers.

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