Sustainable Dimedium

Dimedium is a responsible company

A company's long-term success is not only based on financial indicators. The economic, environmental and social impact or "footprints" that the company leaves with its existence are all equally important.

Dimedium's business activities are in line with the interests of nature, the market environment and the community, as well as our employees, customers and business partners.

Dimedium takes part in the international information programme advocating the responsible use of antibiotics in animal treatment, launched by the European Commission in 2011. The aim of the programme is to help control the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

Dimedium actively contributes to the promotion of animal welfare in Estonian herds. Our goal is to reduce the occurrences of various diseases in herds and thereby reduce the use of antibiotics.


We think of the future - our aim is to create a healthier and better world for our grandchildren.